Past two days, I wrote a jQuery plugin called dragon.js that can create draggable and switchable items easily.

Official dragon.js page URL: http://gwofu.github.io/dragon.js/

XinDong Time Bank (心動時間銀行)

I am working on a volunteer platform. The demo is available at: http://xindong-timebank.herokuapp.com

Please try it out and give me a suggestion, thanks!

Gwowen Fu

My profile page


Express.js setup initial project

A good place to start:

Node.js tutorial for beginners – an introduction to Node.js with Express.js

>express myApp –hogan -c less

>cd myApp

Check less-middleware version
>npm show less-middleware version

Before run npm install, open package.json and replace
“less-middleware”: “*” to
“less-middleware”: “~0.1.15″

>npm install

Install nodemon
>npm install -g nodemon

Start myApp
>nodemon myApp

Liferay – Javascript API – Session object

AUI().use('liferay-session', function(A) {
  var session = new Liferay.SessionBase();

Liferay – Use AngularJS in portlet

The simplest way to try AngularJS in Liferay is to include it in portlet.
Add a Web Content Display portlet to a page and copy and paste the following example code to content:

AUI().use('get', function(A){
    A.Get.script('http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/angularjs/1.2.10/angular.min.js', {	});
<div ng-app=""><label>Name:</label> <input ng-model="yourName" placeholder="Enter a name here" type="text" />
<hr />
<h1>Hello {{yourName}}!</h1>

Liferay – use Handlebars

Delete or replace Handlebars.js on line 6.


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